Potting Soil:
Bu's Blend:
Repair's your soil's ecosystem, absorbs moisture, builds soil by increasing the vital humus content, protects against erosion, saves water, eliminates the need for pest controls and soil foods, works on all soil types, promotes healthy root growth, and heals your soil and heals your soul.

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Want to know more about all of the Dr. Earth Products, check out their website at:

Also take a look at this great Dr. Earth Gardening Guide For The Organic Lifestyle
Monterey Lawn and Garden Products, located in Fresno, California, is a distributor of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers. These homeowner products are designed to fill "niche" markets, and bring to the homeowner professional grade agricultural technology.

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Gro-Power has been providing high quality, organic products to landscape professionals for over 32 years. Now, you can get the same quality Gro-Power products for your home garden.

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Black Gold Natural & Organic potting soil is so versatile it works for everything from hanging baskets to raised vegetable beds. This is not just any soil, it’s a precise blend of everything your plants need to look their best and produce abundantly. Because it’s listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute, you can be sure your organic food crops grown in this enriched soil remain blessedly chemical free.

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These mixes are complete, ready to use soilless blends designed to provide the ideal growing environment for plants in containers such as patio planters, wine barrels, window boxes, hanging baskets, houseplants and starting seeds.

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Ferry-Morse has been serving up the best in seed and gardening supplies for over 100 years, and we're proud to still be innovating and improving.

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